KM802 wshield

KM offers a 2, 4, or 6 Ton press which allows the customer to choose the press that best fits their needs. Our presses include the following:

  • Quick-Change Base Plate: Easily change out applicators using our quick-change base plate system. Simply push or pull the spring-loaded locking lever to release or secure your applicator. This feature eliminates the need for tools.
  • Electronic Parts Counter: Keep track of production rates! Our counter allows you to count the number of crimps performed by the press during a shift, as well as a lifetime total. 5 separate memory locations allow you to keep track of up to 5 different applicators. Also, the operator can input the number of crimps needed for a particular job. Once that number has been reached, the press will sound a “beep” to alert the operator.

Key Features

  • Electronic display
  • Shut height fine adjustment dial
  • Quick-change base plate
  • Air feed kit
  • Safety shield
  • Work light
  • Terminal reel holder
  • Scrap tray
  • 5 year standard warranty



  • Crimp force monitor
  • Paper winder
  • 30 or 40 mm stroke
MODEL KM-802N KM-804N KM-806N
Power 220V 50/60Hz Single Phase 500 W
Crimp force 2 Ton 4 Ton 6 Ton
Max. wire 10 AWG 8 AWG 2 AWG
Stroke 30 or 40mm
Cycle time 300ms
Shut height adjustment Fine adjust 20mm / 0.78″ total adjustment
Dimensions (LxWxH) 305 x 331 x 686mm /
12 x 13 x 27″
407 x 331 x 737mm /
16 x 13 x 29″
508 x 356 x 889mm /
20 x 14 x 35″
Weight 64.9 kg / 143 lbs 74.9 kg / 165 lbs 157 kg / 346 lbs
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