TSA25E Brochure final 1

For single core, multicore and flat cables

TSA25 is designed for the processing of insulated and uninsulated single core, multicore and flat cables.

The machine counts the batch, measures the cutting length, strips and unjackets without needing to change blades. Through an easy-to-use control panel with a 12-inch color touchscreen display, the operator can constantly overview the work in progress, set and correct batch parameters, and receive batch information.

Technical Specifications
Wire Length 320mm – 500 meters (12.6in – 1640ft)
Wire Outer Diameter 4mm – 30mm (0.157in- 1.18in)
Wire Gauge Range 1mm2 – 250mm2 (17AWG to 500MCM) 
Power Supply 230V  50/60Hz  3A  3 Phase
Air Supply 6 – 8 Bar
Dimensions 1700L x 800W x 900H mm (67in x 32in x 35in)
Weight 400kg / 882lbs