Quality Control

EcoVu 1


Splice Crimp Height Measuring Device

EcoVu 1


Micrograph Laboratory

kmusa fpo

EPT 1000

Motorized Pull-Force Tester for Crimp and Splice Connections


SHG 100

Shut Height Gauge

kmusa fpo


PC Measurement Software for Splice Micro-Section Analysis

kmusa fpo

Crimp Cross Section Materials

Crimp Cross Section Machines and Report Services

KM USA Crimping Technology

KM USA not only provides crimping applicators and presses with the longest warranties in the industry, but we also provide a variety of wire processing equipment.

Shown here is our wide selection of cutting and stripping equipment, perfect for any job you have in store. Talk to our technical experts to find the best fit for your needs.

In recent years, KM USA has been to the first offer innovative products with the latest technology and design breakthroughs.