MAC 1000

MAC1000 final 1

For reeled flexible round and flat cables

MAC1000 is designed to dereel flexible round or flat cables and feed cutting machines or cut / strip machines. Continuous cable adjustment is achieved by the pulleys through which the cable passes. 

This system prepares a cable reserve for cut / strip machines and cutting machines, and automatically adjusts the machine’s parameters. 

The MAC1000 dereeler is independent and dereels the cable only when it is pulled by cut / strip machines or cutting machines. When it is connected to the cut / strip machine, both machines must be set to START to begin cable processing.

Technical Specifications
Reel External Diameter Max 500 -1,000 mm (19.6in x 39in)
Optional 1200mm or 47in max
Reel Weight 350 kg (772lbs)
Reel Width 650mm maximum (25.6in)
Multi-Conductor Cable Diameter 18mm (0.71in) max (Optional 25mm or 1in)
Flat Cable Width 18mm (0.71in) max
Reel Arbor Hole 65mm – 90mm  (2.5in – 3.5in)
De-Reeling Speed 2 mt./sec.
Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz 3 Phase 7A
Air Supply 6 Bar Max
Overall Dimension 1,700L x 1,600W x 1,720H mm
(67in x 63in x 68in)
Weight 500kg (1102lbs)