TSA12E Brochure final 1

For single-core, multicore and flat cables

TSA12EVO is designed for the processing of insulated and uninsulated single-core, multicore and flat cables.

The machine counts the batch, measures the cutting length, strips and unjackets without needing to change blades.

Through an easy-to-use control panel with a 12-inch color touchscreen display, the operator can constantly overview the work in progress, set and correct batch parameters, and receive batch information. 

Technical Specifications
Wire Length 200mm – 500 meters (7.8in – 1640ft)
Wire Outer Diameter 2mm – 11mm (0.079in- 0.43in)
Optional 13mm (0.51in
Wire Gauge Range 1mm2 – 35mm2 (18AWG to 2AWG) 
Power Supply 230V  50/60Hz  4A  Single Phase
Air Supply 6 Bar
Dimensions 1100L x 710W x 730H mm (43in x 28in x 29in)
Weight 120kg / 264lbs